Why you should invest in the GROMOSTAR/OMEGA lightning protection system.

While building a house, take into consideration the installment of a good lightning protection system. It will guarantee your safety during a thunderstorm and when compared with the expenditures on the whole building, the cost of such equipment seems quite moderate.

A lightning protection system is designed to protect a structure from damage due to lightning strikes by intercepting them and safe passing their extremely high currents to ground. At the point of a lightning strike the voltage can be as high as several hundred million volts and the current intensity can exceed 250 thousand amperes. The power of such a discharge can instantly cause a fire. It is worth noticing that our climate has been changing and atmospheric phenomena are more and more sudden and violent.

Despite the fact that Poland is situated in the moderate climate zone, we can observe that thunderstorms have been recently more and more intense, resulting in flooding, damage caused by strong wind and fires caused by powerful lightning discharges.

A good, scientifically tested lightning protection system does not cost much and it can guarantee safety of the building, as well as the property and people inside it.


If you want to feel safe in your house, invest in the best possible solution, that is the GROMOSTAR/OMEGA lightning protection system.


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