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Our offer includes professional lightning systems called GROMOSTAR and OMEGA. All the elements are made of high quality materials, based on innovative technological solutions and tested in respect of harmonized European standards for lightning protection systems. Lightning protection equipment offered by our company includes not only the so-called active lightning conductors, but also masts, grips, tripods, earth electrodes and spark gaps, as well as other devices  necessary for proper functioning of lightning protection systems, such as counters of lightning strikes and testers of lightning conductors.

Due to our differentiated offering of lightning protection installments, a lightning protection system can be even more effective and provide full security to the protected buildings. On our website you can also find information on the functioning of lightning protection systems, as well as methods of their installment. Correct functioning and safety of lightning protection equipment depends on its proper assembly and mounting. Our products make it possible to equip every building with an extremely effective and safe lightning protection system characterized by the highest quality satisfying the requirements of the most demanding customers.

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