About us

GROMOTECH is a company with a long tradition, experienced in the field of the lightning protection systems called Gromostar. It is located in central Poland in the Mazovia Province.

Our experience and knowledge of the lightning phenomenon allows us to design the most effective method of protection against a direct lightning strike.
We provide comprehensive professional services in the area of the scientifically proven lightning protection systems Gromostar, which undoubtedly deserve the name of the 21st century equipment.
Advanced knowledge and practical skills allow us to fulfill any order placed with our company reliably and on time. Our company is distinguished from competitors by professional knowledge and many years’ experience.

Our installments in the field of lightning protection are mounted on all kinds of buildings and structures. The Gromostar lightning systems protect airports, radio communication towers, military and sports facilities, bridges, schools and kindergartens, museums, (including the open-air ones), churches, historical buildings and many other structures.

Our innovative lightning protection systems Gromostar are sold and installed all over the world.

You can get more information about our products and services on our website, as well as on the websites of our commercial partners operating within one commercial group of ORW-ELS Co. Ltd.

We will answer all your questions and send you all requested information as soon as possible. We can also provide you with technical support and scientific and technical documentation.

Our customers and clients are served professionally, quickly and efficiently.We hope you will be interested in working with us!

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