Innovate lighting protection system

The active lightning protection system known as ESE includes active heads equipped with a mechanism that initiates Early Streamer Emission producing ionization (increased electrical conductivity) of air near the head’s tip. This fact has been proven scientifically in numerous laboratory tests, as well as in field trials.

The active GROMOSTAR/OMEGA system is vertically oriented – it is the simplest, the most reliable and, last but not least, very aesthetic method of protecting a building against the effects of a lightning strike. In accordance with the standard EN PN 62305 it is enough to use two downconductors passing extremely high currents from the GROMOSTAR/OMEGA mast to the earth electrodes for which impedance value is minimum 10 Ω measured for each electrode.

If you decide to install the active lightning protection system GROMOSTAR/OMEGA on your house, you will avoid installing a net of wires on the roof while providing full security from a lightning strike to the protected building. The advantages of the active lightning protection system GROMOSTAR/OMEGA over a traditional lightning conductor of Franklin type are as follows:

  • higher effectiveness,
  • quick and easy mounting,
  • reduced cost of the whole installation,
  • easy and inexpensive maintenance.

The ‘protective dome’ protects not only the building itself, but also its protruding elements, such as aerials, ornaments, metal ventholes, exhausters, etc., as well as the garden (building surroundings) within the radius of the head operation. A shorter path of lightning current flow between the head and the ground minimizes the risk of a fire and reduces the probability of induction of dangerous overvoltage in high and low voltage circuits which can cause electric shock in people and damage in property. The earth electrodes used in the system allow to fix a reliable and durable earthing without digging out holes in the garden which is necessary in case of traditional lightning protection systems.

Can you imagine a high-tech lightning protection installation on your house, the one which does not make it ugly due to plenty of wires on its roof and walls and, at the same time, protects a much broader area?

If you want to protect your house against lightning strikes and you need a lightning protection system at the highest world level, characterized by technical solutions unavailable in hitherto used installations, trust our company. We will help you to protect your house and people who live in it in the way no one else would be able to.

We assume full responsibility for the lightning protection systems GROMOSTAR/OMEGA since our offer includes comprehensive protection against a lightning discharge, covering both the building and its surroundings, with no anxiety it could fail. A 10-year warranty is provided and all the orders are fulfilled reliably and on time.

The lightning protection system GROMOSTAR/OMEGA offered by our company secures peace and safety to your house and your family on every single day of the year.